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About Ecodemy

Ecodemy Knowledge Solutions is dedicated to advancing sustainability through an eco-centric approach that places nature at the forefront. Our solutions reach both the common individual and corporate entities, ensuring inclusivity in sustainable practices. By aligning all elements within society, Ecodemy strives to create a collective impact, contributing to the global sustainability of our world.

Our Offerings


Milletify pioneers a sustainable food ecosystem based on millets, addressing food crises and promoting sustainable agriculture. Recognizing millets as miracle grains, our initiative envisions a healthier future by contributing to good health and tackling lifestyle diseases.


An online marketplace for exchanging carbon credits from natural solutions. Prioritizing nature over engineered solutions, we offset carbon, promote sustainable agriculture, support farmers, and ensure safe food for all


Eco10 sets the standard for digitally measuring carbon footprints, playing a vital role in assessing the carbon footprint associated with individuals, products, services, constructions, and lifestyles. By encouraging environmental responsibility, Eco10 aims to drive positive change for a sustainable future.

Milletify - an ecommerce marketplace for millets and wellness solutions
Milletify - an ecommerce marketplace for millets and wellness solutions

Why Us

Ethical Roots: Ethical practices are the cornerstone of our foundation. Stemming from an NGO service background, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all our endeavors.

Eco-Centric Philosophy: Our guiding philosophy is 'eco-centric,' prioritizing sustainability over everything else. This approach allows us to craft tailor-made solutions that resonate with a purely sustainable ethos.

Comprehensive Ecosystems: We believe in more than just solutions; we create ecosystems. This comprehensive approach ensures that our solutions not only thrive but contribute to sustained positive impacts over the long term.

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